Apple to Unveil Operation System For Television Set at WWDC?

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The combined companies that own the ITV trademark have an annual revenue of $3-6 billion. That’s ten percent of Apple ’s. This is not a company that can be crushed like a bug.
Radio Shack famously lost to a cornershop in the UK called ‘The Radio Shack’, which is why all Radio Shacks in the UK are called ‘Maplin’
“ITV” is a global trademark, and ITV has the resources to defend it from Apple . Trademarks are won by the company that is right, or lost by the one that runs out of money. ITV won’t run out of money, so Apple can’t win.
Fortunately, Apple isn’t run by complete retards, so this is a fight that will never come about. There is no way whatsoever Apple would use a name that risky, when it could just invent an unencumbered one.
Let’s not forget that Apple doesn’t call everything an iSomething. There’s no iAppstore, the 4S doesn’t have iVoice, and IOS 4 didn’t introduce iSee.

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