Apple, Samsung have a hammerlock on smartphone profits

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Apple, Samsung have a hammerlock on smartphone profits


Apple and Samsung essentially own the entire mobile phone market now, leaving nothing but scraps left over for the rest of the pack.

Tracking the industry’s various players, Dediu found that Apple now holds 73 percent of all operating profits and Samsung 26 percent, leaving HTC with just 1 percent.

Some mobile phone makers, such as Motorola and Sony Ericsson, haven’t seen a profit in years, according to Dediu, while LG has just about been breaking even since 2009. RIM and Nokia have been struggling to regain their former footholds, but both companies are being hit hard by the heavy competition.

Yet the industry itself remains strong. First-quarter profits soared to $14.4 billion from $5.4 billion just two years ago. Of course, most of that is being grabbed by Apple . But it’s not so much that the iPhone maker has captured profits away from the other players but that Apple has created a new “pool of profits,” according to Dediu.

And just what is that pool? Carrier subsidies for the iPhone 4S, says the analyst.

The carriers willingly cough up a premium to Apple to sell the iPhone for two reasons: 1) It provides a competitive advantage; and 2) it keeps their customers from jumping ship. That’s why 250 carriers around the world now offer the iPhone , says Dediu (though 250 others still … [Read more]

Apple, Samsung have a hammerlock on smartphone profits

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