Apple Gearing up to Switch to Silver Color Scheme in iOS 6?

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I’d be happy if they up’d the spec on the phone as I’m sick of the slowness. Once you accumulate data on the iPhone it gets sluggish! For the amount it cost this shouldn’t happen. That’s taking into consideration some of the other phones on the market. It would be nice to have a new slick and stylish design to show off to my mates, but performance is a must for me right now. In this point in time we should be way ahead of the out dated tech they sell us. Apple need to step thing up a bit and introduce 3d into the iPhone or iPad as well as something new, exciting and innovative. This is what Steve Jobs was good at, setting the bar for others to follow. The others have caught up now so what’s your next move Apple ? Have you still got what it takes now that Steve has sadly departed?

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