Apple angles for domain

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Apple angles for domain

Apple wants to get its hands on the domain name iPhone (Pictured is the iPhone 4S.)

Josh Miller/CNET)

You can never have enough clues about what Apple might have up its sleeve for its next iPhone .

The latest tidbit comes in the form of a domain name — iphone — for which Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization. To date, Apple ‘s smartphone line has counted up only to the iPhone 4S, but the company is widely believed to be getting ready to bring an iPhone 5 into the world.

Of course, ahead of the iPhone 4S launch last fall, a good many people expected that device would be the 5 model. By way of comparison, Apple ‘s latest tablet was generally expected to be the iPad 3, but ended up being called just the new iPad.

While there are no specifications to be gleaned here, the WIPO filing does at least suggest that Apple is considering the iPhone 5 name for the next iteration of its market-defining device. Or perhaps it just wishes to take that domain out of play, regardless of what it calls the device.

In its current state, iPhone is a forum site, created in February 2008, according to the WhoIs record. Its copyright statement clearly indicates that it is “not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwi… [Read more]

Apple angles for domain

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