Amtrak to use Apple’s iPhone as ticket scanner

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Amtrak to use Apples iPhone as ticket scanner

Ticketing on Amtrak just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Apple 's iPhone .

Craig Dilger for The New York Times)

Even the time-honored tradition of hole-punched train tickets is subject to Apple ‘s wave of change. A program that began its training last November for a few select Amtrak routes will expand to include 1,700 train conductors across the country by late summer, according to the New York Times.

The new, iPhone -based system will allow Amtrak customers to print tickets or access a special bar code that conductors will be able to scan. On the back end, conductors will be able to keep track of the passengers on board much easier than with the hole-punch system.

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Amtrak to use Apples iPhone as ticket scanner

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