Is this the new iPhone home button?

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Is this the new iPhone home button?

Screenshot by Joe Aimonetti/CNET)

Last fall the Internet was abuzz about Apple ‘s apparent iPhone redesign for what eventually became the iPhone 4S. Much to the dismay of the media and some louder consumers, the iPhone 4S retained the same design profile as the previous-generation iPhone 4.

At the time, the redesign was expected to feature a teardrop back casing, a bigger screen and, among other things, an ovular home button. If the shape of the home button is any indication of a complete redesign, the latest part leak from Chinese supplier (via Apple Bitch) may not win over many of the iPhone 4S design detractors.

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As pictured, the new iPhone home button appears to maintain the original circular pro… [Read more]

Is this the new iPhone home button?

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