Why does my iPhone take upside-down photos?

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Why does my iPhone take upside-down photos?

What's wrong with this picture? (No, seriously.) The upside-down photos were snapped with the the iPhone 's volume buttons pointing up.

Screenshot by Rick Broida)

Before iOS 5, the only way to snap a photo with your iPhone was to tap the onscreen shutter button–always a somewhat awkward maneuver. But with iOS 5, Apple transformed the volume-up button into a shutter release, thereby making iPhone photography feel a bit more natural.

Just one problem: when you flip your phone around so the volume-up button is facing, well, up, you end up with upside-down photos and videos.

Sort of. As many Windows users have discovered, images captured using the volume-up button often appear upside down when viewed using traditional methods like Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player.

But why? Those same pictures and videos have the proper orientation when viewed on your iPhone –or on a Mac. What’s going on here?

Turn that frown upside down
My dad was the one who first brought this to my attention; I’d e-mailed him a photo from my iPhone , and he wrote back that it had arrived upside-down (in his mail client)–and sent it back to me as proof.

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