Vonage Releases New iPhone App; Offers 30% Cheaper International Calling Rates Than Skype

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Vonage, one of the leading VoIP and SIP companies has released a new iPhone app called Vonage Mobile, which features free app-to-app calls and international calling rates that Vonage claims are on an average 70% less than major mobile carriers and 30% less than Skype.
With the new iPhone app, you no longer need to be a Vonage phone service customer to use the app. In addition to the free app-to-app calls, calls to Vonage VoIP home and business users are also free.
The iPhone app is available for download for free. You can buy Vonage credits for international calls via in-app purchase that are available for $9.99 and $4.99.
Vonage is not only offering international calling rates that are 30% cheaper, it is also prepared to give Apple a 30% cut for Vonage credits to offer customers a better user experience compared to its rival Skype.
To celebrate the launch of their new iPhone app, Vonage is also allowing users to call any phone in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world for free.

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