UK’s ITV to Apple: Don’t Use ‘iTV’ Name For Rumored Television Set

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, the chatter about Apple possibly releasing Televisions sets has got louder.
, Apple could launch the Siri enabled Television as early as this year. While we haven’t called Apple ‘s rumored Television set – iTV, a number of news channels and tech blogs have ignored what happened last time round and have been calling Apple ‘s rumored television product – iTV.
, bosses at ITV – a UK based TV network are again getting worked up about it. They have sent an email to Apple warning them not to use the name “iTV” for its upcoming television product.
insiders fear that the world’s biggest company might take a different stance under Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs as chief executive shortly before Mr Jobs died in August last year.  
It is worth noting that the first generation Apple TV was in fact known as iTV back in 2006 before it was relaunched as Apple TV in January 2007. When Apple launched the 
, it had given assurances to ITV that it wouldn’t use the name again after receiving a 
But it won’t be the first time Apple has used a name for their product that was owned by some other company. Even the ”
” trademark belonged to Cisco at the time the phone was launched. Cisco had also agreed to license the iOS trademark to Apple for use as the name of Apple ’s mobile operating system for iPhone , iPod touch and iPad.
, we’re quite sure Apple won’t call their rumored television set iTV.
Would it be confusing if Apple called it Apple TV with the current generation Apple TV, which is like a set-top box? or should Apple call it something else like say iTelevision?

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