Snackr for iPhone reads news blurbs so you don’t have to

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Snackr for iPhone reads news blurbs so you dont have to

Snackr for iPhone lets you listen to the news.

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There are countless ways to scan the news on an iPhone , and even a handful of ways to listen to it. But newly updated Snackr effectively does both, reading aloud the latest headlines and news summaries from a variety of sources–including some personal ones.

In other words, it’s like a news “snack”–get it? The app provides five minutes’ worth of current headlines, but also lets you shift to other channels for more targeted news: top stories, business, entertainment, and technology.

You can also create your own channels derived from nine broad categories, including sports, science, gaming, and music.

What you can’t do, alas, is hand-pick any news sources (like, say, CNET, ahem), nor can you add RSS feeds. But there is some nifty personalization available in the form of customized daily greetings, which include local-weather updates, sports scores, and even notification of friends’ birthdays–all courtesy of Snackr’s just-added Facebook integration.

The app’s interface is fairly straightforward, relying on side-scrolling lists in upper, middle, and lower sections. Up top: channels. Near the bottom: the current batch of … [Read more]

Snackr for iPhone reads news blurbs so you dont have to

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