‘Psycho Siri’: Scariest Siri parody yet?

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Psycho Siri: Scariest Siri parody yet?

The iPhone turns into a stalking, four-legged spider in “Psycho Siri.”

Screnshot by David Carnoy/CNET)

There have been plenty of Siri parodies but a new one entitled “Psycho Siri” is being lauded as one of the best yet.

Made by andrewm films, the short four-minute video, which carries the one-line synopsis, “An abandoned iPhone turns out to be a killer of a deal,” is quickly racking up the hits on YouTube.

It’s got some nice special effects and a couple of memorable lines, including:

“I overheard you saying something about you selling me. I’m afraid I can’t let that happen.”


Source: The Next Web via Cult of Mac.

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Psycho Siri: Scariest Siri parody yet?

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