Next Gen iPhone to Get Liquipel’s Waterproof Coating?

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Last month,  
at CES 2012, which could make smartphones like the iPhone waterproof.
HzO claimed that it was in talks with companies like Apple to use their technology in future iPhones. 
HzO was not the only company to impress us with their waterproofing technology. 
, with a process that applies a patent pending waterproof coating on the iPhone to protect it from water or liquids.
reports that according to their “well-placed” source at one of UK’s top independent retailers, who apparently provided them with the correct release dates for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, claims that Apple will make use of Liquipel’s waterproof coating in the
He states that both the next iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III will have Liquipel treatment. The Liquipel coating covers both inside and outside the phones to make it water repellent, making them less susceptible to liquid/moisture damage
He stated “both will have had liquipel treatment as they’ll be altering the wording on insurance.” When I pressed him for the exact changes on the phone insurance documents, he had no more information. Phone insurance altering its coverage in reaction to an unreleased phone isn’t something I’ve come across before in phone info leaks, but, we could be on to something here. However, with liquid and moisture damage being among the top causes of insurance claims, it will need changing in time for a water-proof phone’s launch. 
Though we think it would be quite awesome if Apple ‘s sixth generation iPhone will come with the waterproof coating, we’re quite skeptical about the news.
Firstly, it is next to impossible for someone who works with an independent retailer to have access to any information about
. Even Apple ‘s carrier partners don’t have access to this kind of information. Secondly, though the technology sounds quite promising, we’re sure something like this will need sometime to prove that it doesn’t have an impact on the components used in the iPhone .
So while we really hope it makes it to future iPhones, we think it is very unlikely that
(depending on what you want the sixth generation to be called) will come with the waterproof coating.

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