Navigation app Waze gets limited voice controls

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Waze’s newest update lets you control the app, a little, with a wave and a word.

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The great, free car navigation app Waze (see Rafe Recommends) is getting an update today that gives it a limited hands-free, voice-controlled interface.

Waze is now perhaps the only app to use the phone’s promixity sensor to turn on the input interface, since Google removed that feature from its iPhone Search app. A wave of the hand over the iPhone brings up the voice control prompt.

Waze only accepts a limited set of voice commands. You can navigate to two pre-sets (“Drive to home,” and “drive to work”), and you can create traffic alerts, to tell other Waze users about traffic jams, hazards, or police sightings.

It is a fun little update, but more tantalizing than truly useful. Other than your home or work, you can’t enter an address or location while on the move, even if it’s a pre-set. So much for “navigate to school,” for parents going to get their kids. And while use of the proximity sensor is nice, apps can have useful and safe eyes-off controls without it: The podcast app Downcast uses a double-tap to pause and resume playback, and broad gestures for functions like rewind.

One upside of the extremely limited vocabulary is that it should m… [Read more]

Navigation app Waze gets limited voice controls

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