Mobile Safari’s default cookies settings changing randomly

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Mobile Safaris default cookies settings changing randomly

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Earlier this week it was found that Google had been overriding privacy settings for several Internet browsers, including Apple ‘s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, in order to display its Google+ buttons in advertisements.

Now, according to a couple Apple Communities support forum threads (one, two), using Google products on Mobile Safari may be related to a bug that changes a user’s “Accept Cookies” settings.

But, despite reports from many users saying the problems with Mobile Safari were in relation to the use of their Gmail accounts and the odd coincidence that Google is in the news for circumventing cookies settings, there does not appear to be any evidence linking Google’s privacy settings dodging practices with the bug that randomly resets a user’s “Accept Cookies” setting to “Never.”

At least not intentionally.

I attempted to re-create the resetting issue using as many of the scenarios described in the forums as I could recreate. I never had the issue occur on my iPhone 4, nor an iPhone 4S. That, of course, does not mean that the bug is not an issue. Forum users suggest that disabling Safari Bookmark… [Read more]

Mobile Safaris default cookies settings changing randomly

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