Leaked iPad 3 Parts Assembled; Suggests Apple May Use Retina Display Made by Sharp

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, who had published photos, which they claimed were
parts, suggesting the components are indeed from a prototype build of iPad 3.
reports that the three so-called iPad 3 components in question – an LCD panel from Sharp, a back plate with an Apple logo, and a 30-pin dock connector fit quite well.
also reports that back plate of the iPad 3 is slightly thicker than the back plate of the current generation iPad, by just more than a millimeter.
According to them, the rear panel has a different screw alignment, which seems to perfectly fit with Sharp’s LCD display, which could be the rumored Retina Display.
They report that the purported iPad 3 dock connector also fits quite well with screw holes on the back panel.
There have been conflicting rumors about the company that will manufacture the LCD panels that Apple plans to use for the next generation iPad, which is widely speculated to come with Retina Display. While some rumors have suggested that Apple will use
, others have claimed that Apple will continue to use
In addition to this,
also reports that the rear camera mounting points in the purported iPad 3 rear shell is different from the mounting points in iPad 2 rear shell, though the size of the hole appears to be the same.
, faster processor,

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