iRandomizer Numbers App Includes Hidden Tethering Feature

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Earlier in the week, we reported about a hidden feature in
– a simple file manager app that allowed users to use iPhone ‘s 3G data connection to surf the web on their computer.
Not surprisingly, the app was quickly removed from the App Store.
has sneaked in the tethering feature via an easter egg.
reports that iRandomizer Numbers includes a tethering feature which can be enabled by entering undocumented codes.
The description of the iPhone app in the App Store does not mention the tethering feature and claims to let you generate random numbers, but if you enter “1984” in the minimum field and “31337” in the maximum field, it enables the tethering network configuration screen as seen below.
Nick Kramer, CEO of Shmoopi, LLC and developer of iRandomizer Numbers, acknowledged in an email to
that his app supports tethering.
“Reluctantly, I will admit that my application ‘iRandomizer Numbers’ does have a hidden tethering feature,” he wrote. “I say reluctantly because I didn’t plan on the feature being released. I designed the tethering functionality for my family and close friends not thinking it would be disseminated outside that circle. ” 
Yeah right, we believe that. Hopefully, Apple will believe it too, who has been quite quick in removing tethering apps such as
from the App Store for violating rules of iOS Developer program license agreement.
Kramer doesn’t plan to withdraw the app from the App Store, now that everyone know about the hidden tethering feature.
If you’re looking at a tethering option for a one-time fee without jailbreaking then grab QuasiDisk, which is available for $4.99 using this 
 before it is removed.
Please note that unofficial tethering can get you into trouble with your Carrier so use it with caution.

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