iPhone bug enables FaceTime, shows names on locked phones

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iPhone bug enables FaceTime, shows names on locked phones

A new trick lets you begin FaceTime calls on locked iPhones that have voice dialing disabled.

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iPhones that have been password-protected and have voice dialing deactivated can still make FaceTime video calls, as well as disclose basic information about a person’s list of contacts.

The security loophole, which is present in the latest version of Apple ‘s iOS 5.0.1 software, was discovered earlier this week by Canadian tech writer Ade Barkah, who posted details about it on his blog. CNET confirmed it working on three different iPhones, including the iPhone 4 and 4S.

In short, it works like this: If you’ve got your iPhone set to what are basically the highest security settings–passcode required immediately, as well as voice dial and simple passcode off–you can still make FaceTime calls through the iPhone ‘s emergency call feature using Voice Control.

Barkah discovered that even when voice dialing is disabled, you can get it to work from emergency call screen, the feature designed to let you call 911 or any other phone number without providing access to other parts of the phone.

There is one big snag though–voice calls won’t actually go through. You can, however keep guessing first names of people who might be in the phone book, and if you find a match, you can initiate a FaceTime call … [Read more]

iPhone bug enables FaceTime, shows names on locked phones

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