iPad 3 May Not Feature a Quad-Core Processor?

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, Apple ‘s
may feature a quad-core processor along with Retina Display, improved cameras and support for LTE networks.
will be powered by Apple ‘s next generation A6 chip, which will include a significantly more powerful GPU, it won’t be powered a quad-core processor.
According to people familiar with the product, though the new iPad will be touting that double resolution display — a true iPad Retina Display, clocking in at 2048 x 1536 — the device will be nearly physically identical to its predecessor, but the slate will be about one millimeter thicker overall. We’re also told that the A6 CPU the iPad 3 is likely to sport will include a significantly more powerful GPU — no big surprise there. What is surprising, however, is that our sources say that the A6 will not be a quad-core chip, but will remain dual-core. We’ve previously had heard that the device would have a quad-core CPU as well as an LTE cell radio on-board, but at least part of that story wasn’t accurate.
Apple is rumored to unveil iPad 3 at a special media event in March.
Will the lack of a quad-core processor be a deal breaker for you to upgrade or buy iPad 3?

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