iOS Web Traffic Overtakes Mac OS X For The First Time

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have been witnessing extra ordinary growth over the past couple of years. Sales of
devices, reported every quarter, increasingly dwarf
sales, and given that it isn’t really surprising that iOS devices surpassed OS X in U.S. web traffic share.
As per analytics firm Chitika Insight’s newly released report, iOS devices accomplished this feat, this month with 8.15 percent of all web traffic as compared to the Mac’s 7.96 percent share.
Chitika analyzes traffic on its ad network based on browser user agents, and extrapolates it to estimate traffic on the entire web.
The data shows that the web market shares of iOS and OS X have been converging steadily since August. iOS has been posting regular gains, and has experienced an overall growth of nearly 50%, whereas OS X has seen its market share decline by 25% since a high point in September. February marks the first point where a reversal in position can be seen in the respective operating systems. iOS passes Mac OS with 8.15% of all web traffic, whereas Mac OS only sees 7.96%.
Ad blocking plugins on desktop browsers may skew the data in favor of iOS devices, but data from Chitika is in agreement with similar data from
for the same period.
Apple ‘s habit of launching cutting edge gadgets year after year is driving consumers to newer products. Combining this aspect with the similar functionality of iOS devices and a lower price point, it may be that consumers are choosing to go mobile, instead of purchasing more expensive Apple computers. Alternatively, the shift towards an on-the-go lifestyle could be driving mobile device purchases by the consumer, and thereby driving the corresponding increasing in mobile web usage.
An interplay of the factors mentioned above, along with the ease in which (online) content can be consumed on devices like the iPad and iPhone , contribute to increased usage of iOS devices on the internet.
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