Do more than add photo effects on iOS

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Do more than add photo effects on iOS


I’ve written about several iOS apps here that add effects to your photos, but most are just for adding a retro look, tuning your images, or making a photo look hip for the social networking sites. I’ve found some great ones like PhotoToaster, Photogene2, and SnapSeed, but there’s another genre of apps that make even more drastic changes to your images.

This week’s collection of iOS apps is about taking your photos to the extreme. The first turns your images into line-drawn cartoons. The second fills in your image with words to produce a thought-provoking effect. The third puts your image through a coffee grinder, and brews up a bubbly colorful mosaic.

Once in the painting phase, you can choose colors, paint them in yourself, or have the app do it for you.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

ToonPaint ($1.99) turns your images into cartoon-like drawings and gives you tons of tuning options to make them look just how you want. You start by snapping a fresh photo or grabbing an image from your iPhone ‘s camera roll… [Read more]

Do more than add photo effects on iOS

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