Cheers: The world’s happiest iPhone app

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Cheers: The worlds happiest iPhone app

The Cheers app for iPhone is definitely a morning person. It’s the kind of app that hops out of bed, says hello to the singing bluebirds at the window, and then goes for a jog to pick up a mocha at a favorite local coffee shop.

Cheers is relentlessly cheerful. (Click to enlarge.)

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

There are heaps of social-media apps that let you check in at restaurants or recommend businesses to your friends. Cheers follows that example, but flings the door wide open and encourages you to share your love for people, places, and things.

Cheers is positioning itself as a positivity app. You build up your “cheerfluence” rating as you go.

That may mean sending out cheers for a mother who made you soup while you were sick, a deli sandwich that rocked your lunchtime, or a book that made you cry–in a good way.

Just take a picture of the object of your affection, fill in a few details, and send it off. The app can be set to share your virtual shout-outs to Facebook, Twitter, and over e-mail.

Cheers should find a solid crossover audience with people who have extensive Hello Kitty collections, as well as anyone who believes that The… [Read more]

Cheers: The worlds happiest iPhone app

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