AT&T Changes Throttling Policy; Will Throttle Unlimited Users After 3GB of Monthly Data Usage

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I’m still not happy about this. What part of unlimited does AT&T not understand? If I am going to be throttled down to an unusable speed after hitting 3GB, then what is the difference between my unlimited plan and the 3GB capped plan? I know AT&T is doing everything they can to get everyone off of the unlimited plan. I have my suspicions that when 4G comes to iPhone they will say that we have to move to a 4G plan and none of them will be unlimited. They will probably say that we can stay on the “unlimited” 3G plan if we want, but will have to drop that plan and switch to one of the new 4G plans if we want 4G speed. Don’t worry… they’ll get their way eventually. It’s funny how they only give us an unlimited plan when the phones aren’t capable of downloading huge amounts of data. As soon as we can finally take advantage of our unlimited plan, they want to cap it.
Here is my analogy for this. Let’s say that vehicles were not capable of going faster than 50mph. Drivers are then told that there is no speed limit and they can drive as fast as they want. The powers that be constantly brag and pat themselves on the back for being so nice for allowing us to drive as fast as we want with no limits. Then a vehicle hits the market that is capable of reaching speeds of 120mph. Then all of sudden, we are bombarded with speed limit signs and aren’t allowed to drive faster than 60mph.

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