Apple’s iOS 5.1 update rumored to launch March 9

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Apples iOS 5.1 update rumored to launch March 9

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Apple ‘s been mum lately about iOS 5.1, but new rumors suggest the update could launch on March 9.

Digging into profiles sent by Apple to various iPhone carriers, blog site YourDailyMac found a pointer to 09Mar2012 in one of the text strings. Aimed for operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland, and Sweden, the profile files are designed to ensure that network connections will continue to work after iOS devices are updated to the latest version. The files are also said to be compatible with iOS 5.1, according to YourDailyMac.

Of course, like most rumors, this one should be taken with a dose of salt. Apple is usually too secretive to reveal a launch date in a simple text string. And even assuming the date has specific significance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s when iOS 5.1 will see the light of day.

Yet the timing would be right if Apple wants to coincide the release of IOS 5.1 with the launch of the iPad 3. The next version of the tablet is reportedly due to hit the market sometime next month. Fellow blog site The Verge has even leaped onto March 9 as a potential launch date for the new tablet, with 2012 being a leap year.

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Apples iOS 5.1 update rumored to launch March 9

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