Apple Working on More Accurate Methods to Detect Water Damage in iOS Devices

News | Friday February 17 2012 3:41 AM | Comments (0) Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Apple will likely want to endorse one of the ‘electronics protection schemes’ that are currently in research. If they can be implemented without incurring a heat disadvantage, I would guess that Apple would surely incorporate this technology, it may increase the cost minimally, but as an avid Apple product consumer, it is no different than buying insurance for our possessions which protect us against un-forseen losses.
I also realize that by doing so, Apple may indeed risk the potential loss of possible repair costs due to water damage device replacements. The goodwill that they would enjoy by endorsing that technology would, in my opinion, outweigh that loss by increasing sales to customers who would appreciate a company that ‘goes the extra mile’ for their customer base…

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