Apple Sued For Using ‘iPad’ Name in China

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Apple seems to be in trouble for using the “iPad” name in China.
reports that Apple could be fined 240 million yuan ($38 million) by government authorities over alleged trademark infringement involving the “iPad” name.
But the $38 million fine just seems to be tip of the iceberg as Proview Technology is also suing Apple for $1.6 billion. It also wants Apple to apologize and is seeking an injunction that prevents the company from using the
name in China.
Proview Technology had first filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Apple in 2010, claiming it owned the “iPad” trademark in China since 2000. At that time it was demanding $800 million from Apple . Apple had countersued Proview claiming that they owned the “iPad” trademark as they had bought European rights to the “iPad” trademark from Proview’s parent company for $55,000, which also included China.
Back in December, Apple lost the lawsuit as the court ruled that Proview’s parent company did not have the authority to sell them. Apple is appealing the December ruling that favored Proview.

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