Apple Patent Hints At Real-Time, Head-To-Head Workout Competitions Using iOS Devices

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filing, titled “Interfacing portable media devices and sports equipment,”
describes a system wherein fitness equipment and sports accessories communicate with a portable media player. This, in turn, would allow users across the globe to engage in real-time, head-to-head workout competitions.
iPod technology, by adding real-time capabilities to it. The data obtained by the sensors on these portable devices can additionally be synced to various destinations, like a user’s desktop or to a dedicated web portal. The data is synced at periodic intervals, thus preventing any significant data loss in case of abrupt termination of the workout.
Another exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides real-time, head-to-head competition. These competitions may be between two or more people in one or more locations. Competition data may be shared and displayed to each user. Data may be shared using a wired, wireless, or optical link over a cellular, Internet, LAN, or other type of network.
Although not mentioned in the patent application, Apple ‘s proposed gamification of workouts could be enhanced with a
type layer on top, with achievements and leader-boards and possibly a listing of all possible accessories compatible with
Although it’s quite obvious that every reference to a “portable device” in the patent application actually means an iOS device, nowhere in the application is the term “iOS” even mentioned. Nor does it mention Nike+, as

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