Amazon Takes a Dig at iPad’s Glossy Screen & Price in New Kindle Ad

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When Apple launched the iPad in 2010,
, claiming it was less readable in direct sunlight as compared to Kindle’s e-ink screen, which reads like real paper with no glare. 
Fast forward to 2012, Amazon has aired a new Kindle commercial, which again takes a dig at iPad’s glossy screen and notes that customers can buy three Kindles (2 Kindle Fire’s for $199 each and the ad-supported Kindle for $79 will cost you $477) for less than the price of an iPad ($499).
It’s odd that Amazon continues to take a dig at iPad’s glossy screen, as Kindle Fire is in the same boat as the iPad when it comes to reading under direct sunlight.
 as the new entry-level iPad to compete with tablets from competitors like Amazon’s Kindle, as some rumors have suggested. Apple is rumored to sell
to $399 ($349 or $399 seems to be a more realistic expectation) along with the iPad 3 models that will start at $499.
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