Widespread iTunes And iCloud ID Outage [Updated]

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If you’re trying to login to iTunes or App Store and are greeted with the following error message “The Apple ID could not be found or password is incorrect. Please try again.” then you are not alone.
It looks Apple is currently having a widespread issue with iTunes and iCloud services as a number of users are reporting similar issues on Twitter.
When you try to use the Forgot password feature to change the password, you’re greeted with
error message.
has also confirmed that the issue.
According to Apple ‘s System Status page “All services are online.”
We’ll let you know as soon as the services are back up. Let us know if you’re able to login to iTunes or the App Store successfully.
It looks like the issue is resolved now. We are able to login and number of readers have commented that it works for them as well. Thanks everyone for the prompt feedback. Let us know if you’re still facing the issue.
Adam from Australia reports that he is still having issues logging in. So looks like the issue is not resolved completely.

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