U.S. Cellular Says iPhone Isn’t Cutting Edge Enough To Consider It

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Last month, we found out that U.S. Cellular – the sixth largest
. It was revealed by US Cellular’s CEO Mary Dillon.
Fierce Wireless reports that while speaking at the UBS 39th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference, TDS  (parent to U.S. Cellular) CEO Ted Carlson has this excuse to give why U.S Cellular does not offer Apple ‘s iPhone :
“We’re never going to say never about the iPhone . The iPhone for us would need to be at the cutting edge of where we’re going, and then there might be an opportunity to consider it.” [..]
[..] Speaking at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, Carlson said  the company is currently more concerned with launching its forthcoming LTE network and signing customers up for LTE service than selling the iPhone . He said that U.S. Cellular’s top priority is launching LTE, lining up companies to provide LTE devices and then migrating customers to the service to give them a better experience and reduce network costs.
U.S. Cellular is the second “regional” carrier with which 
 was in talks with to carry the iPhone . The first was C Spire, which 
While the reason given by US Cellular’s CEO last month seemed reasonable, the reason given by Carlson for not carrying Apple ‘s iPhone seems more like a case of sour grapes as U.S. Cellular is expected to cover only 25 percent of its footprint with LTE by year-end and expects to complete the full LTE buildout in three years.
when 4G LTE networks have wider coverage. It will be interesting to see if U.S. Cellular will start offering that version of the iPhone or come up with another excuse.
What do you think about TDS CEO’s comments?

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