TopBrewer Lets You Control Your Coffee Machine Right From Your iPhone

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The iOS SDK has created, along with an impressive environment for apps, a great ecosystem for hardware that interfaces with iOS devices. Some notable examples include the
, the
A worthy addition to the list of beautifully designed products that work well with iOS devices is the TopBrewer Coffee Faucet. Although it isn’t available yet, the images and videos about the product are 
TopBrewer is a minimalist coffee machine that hides all the complicated hardware associated with coffee machines under a table top, and on the outside exists as a simple faucet with a touchscreen. The highlight of the machine, at least for iOS device users, is that Scanomat has developed an iOS app that makes the machine compatible with
and the iPad.
magical, innovative 
The machine has quite a few features, apart from its minimalist design, that set it apart from other coffee makers:
Although the machine works well with a touchscreen, we’re very sure that Scanomat would, very soon, be bombarded with queries asking,
The machine no doubt would be expensive, and mainly targeted at high end homes and corporate offices. As
Perhaps your local coffee shop will install a team of Top Brewers and let you order your coffee drink just the way you like it from your iPhone or iPad while you stand in line to pay for the beverage.
We would take the concept a step further and say, that you order you coffee and pay via a mechanism
) without waiting in line. This would be the most frictionless self-serving-coffee-drinking experience ever.
What do you think?

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