StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK Enables Developers To Bring Palm OS Apps To iOS

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Developers of StyleApp, which was initially available as a Palm OS emulator in Cydia have changed gears and are now offering an iOS Wrapper SDK that allows developers of Palm applications to deploy their apps written for Palm OS as iOS applications for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch.
The StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK allows you as a Palm application developer to create an iPhone (iOS) application that “wraps” a Palm application inside StyleTap Platform for iPhone in a way that removes all of the restricted capabilities.
Developer of Palm applications can then submit the resulting iPhone application to be approved in the Apple App Store.
StyleTap does not guarantee that Apple will accept your iOS application for inclusion in the App Store. There are many reasons completely unrelated to StyleTap Platform that may cause Apple to not approve your application for the App Store.
While it is not clear what’s the cost of the StyleTap iOS wrapper, it gives Palm application developers an easy way to offer their apps to iPhone , iPad and iPod touch users officially instead of only to jailbreak iOS device users. Obviously, the assumption is, users want to use Palm apps on their iPhone .

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