Rotary phone dials up iPhone’s Siri

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Rotary phone dials up iPhones Siri

Davis Remmel)

Remember the days of Betamax, turntables, and Zenith TVs with rabbit ears and big honking dials?

A little retrofitting turned a rotary phone into a Siri-enabled handset.

Davis Remmel)

Siri has just taken a little trip back to those simpler times of yore with a quaint little hack that turns the voice assistant into an operator reachable via rotary phone (cue the Jim Croce, those of you who remember hearing a voice say “operator” on the other end of the line).

Computer programmer Davis Remmel ripped apart a $2 Bluetooth headset purchased on eBay, fitting its earpiece into the earpiece section of the old phone and the microphone into the mouthpiece. The headset is enabled by dialing “1” on the rotary encoder.

In the video below, Remmel picks up the 20th century handset, dials “1,” and delivers the command “Call John Doe.” Siri then says, “Calling John Doe’s mobile,” and proceeds to call the number on Remmel’s iPhone 4S, which is connected to the rotary phone.

Given that the hacked phone is now essentially a Bluetooth headset, Remmel could theoretically talk to his friend through the rotary device. Wait, does Remmel actually have a friend named John Doe? But we digress…

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Rotary phone dials up iPhones Siri

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