Retro rings: Sonic CD hits iOS in perfect form

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Retro rings: Sonic CD hits iOS in perfect form

Forgive my excitement, but Sonic CD just hit the iPhone –and it’s only $1.99.

Sonic CD: a rare game emerges again.

screenshot by Scott Stein)

Sega has done some questionable things–to say the least–with the Sonic franchise, but Sonic CD isn’t one of them. Sonic CD, despite the misleading title, isn’t a soundtrack or a music game. It’s one of the biggest, and best, side-scrolling old-school Sonic games ever made, but it was only available for the short-lived Sega CD, a CD-ROM add-on for the Sega Genesis (it also saw brief life in a 2005 Sonic compilation game for the GameCube and PS2). I actually owned a Sega CD, and Sonic CD was its best game by far–though technically that wasn’t saying much.

The levels may look similar, but they're completely different from other Sonic games.

screenshot/Scott Stein)

Besides the requisite high-speed neon-colored racetrack levels, Sonic CD has another neat trick up its sleeve: trigger certain waypoints and, with sufficient speed, Sonic will travel back and forth in time to alternate sets of past and future versions of levels. A “bad” and “good” future await depending on whether you’ve accomplished certain tasks.

Sonic CD’s translation to iOS is perfect: the touch controls are, as always, not a… [Read more]

Retro rings: Sonic CD hits iOS in perfect form

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