‘Real or Onion’: Can you spot the satire?

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Real or Onion: Can you spot the satire?

The interactive iPhone game from Gelf Magazine challenges you to determine what's news and what's satire.

Gelf Magazine)

“Congress Accidentally Approves Arts Funding.”

Did that headline come from a serious news outlet or did you just get duped by The Onion? A new addition to the AppStore called Real or Onion challenges you to a game of spot the satire.

Gelf Magazine)

Gelf Magazine co-founder David Goldenberg came up with the idea after pausing for a second to question the sincerity of a Reuters headline (“Rap music glamorizes drug use – study”).

The game is simple. You’re presented with a headline and it’s your job to determine the source. Based on your guess, you’ll either be taken to a mainstream news site or to the original article on The Onion, along with results that compare your overall score with that of to other players.

If you still don’t get how it works, the below video from Gelf Magazine goes into more detail.

The game exists as a … [Read more]

Real or Onion: Can you spot the satire?

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