Rafe Recommends: Waze, the commuter’s friend

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Rafe Recommends: Waze, the commuters friend

Waze's traffic data can be overwhelming, but it's really useful once you learn how to process it at a glance.

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Google has blessed Android users with a free, turn-by-turn driving navigation app, but has withheld this function from Google Maps on the iPhone .

Developers, naturally, have seen this as opportunity, and there are several pay-for-play nav apps now in the App Store.

Nuts to that. The app I keep turning to for driving directions is Waze. It’s free.

Waze is a traffic-aware nav app. Give it the same start and destination every day of the workweek and you might end up with five different routes, based on traffic. Waze gets most of its traffic data by using other “Wazers” as traffic sensors. It knows how fast every user’s phone is moving, and where, and it maps around the slowpokes. If you’re driving more slowly than you should be for the road you’re on, you might get a chime and a pop-up note from the app asking, “Are you in traffic?” Waze uses this data to help other users avoid you.

Waze is not the only traffic-aware iPhone app, but I find its focus on traffic is appropriate for driving routes one already knows. The app also collects reports of other incidents, like cars stopped on shoulders, or even police car sightings. As you roll by a reported incident, you can flag it as accu… [Read more]

Rafe Recommends: Waze, the commuters friend

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