Over 90% of Mobile Purchases Made by iPhone and iPad Users

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 has found that over 90% of mobile purchases made in the past 8 months were done so using one of Apple ‘s mobile devices.
RichRelevance, a retail analysis firm, has put together a study on online shopping habits with a significant focus on mobile purchases. Here are some of the key points.
The amount of online retail money spent in the US via mobile means has doubled since April, from 1.87% to 3.74%. In addition, just 9% of all shoppers were browsing online stores in April (based on mobile traffic), and number has also doubled to 18% in December.
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– accounted for more than 92% of non-desktop sales in December, which is up from 88% in April.
The average order value of shoppers using Apple ‘s mobile devices is highest, at $123. Compare with $101 on Android and $87 on desktops.
These statistics show that while mobile shopping is still a very small component of online shopping in general, it’s growing. iOS users are the predominant group of mobile shoppers, and their average order value is also higher than other groups. It seems as if Apple ‘s competition has their work cut out for them.
RichRelevance also broke down some holiday shopping statistics. For the period between November 1st and December 18th, 14% of shoppers were on mobile devices on average, and looking at weekends specifically, this number jumps to 17%. Thanksgiving was the day that saw the highest percentage of online shoppers throughout this 6 week period (perhaps as a result of Black Friday sales?).
For more tasty tidbits on mobile shopping, check out the full report below.
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