Lock Screen Weather: App Brings Weather Forecasts to Your iPhone’s Lock Screen Without Jailbreaking

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Until now if you wanted to see weather forecast on your iPhone ‘s lock screen you had to jailbreak your iPhone .
However, Pavel Kozarek has managed to get his weather app aptly called Lock Screen Weather approved by Apple , which brings the weather conditions to iPhone ‘s home screen without the need of jailbreaking.
Introducing Lock Screen Weather, the first and only app that will place current weather conditions on the Lock Screen of your iPhone and iPod Touch. At the tap of a button, you know what’s the weather like today instantly. No need to unlock your phone and start up some weather app. Launch the Lock Screen Weather once, set your preferences and you’re done. Your Lock Screen never looked so beautiful, in addition to displaying so valuable information.
Kozarek has used a clever trick to get past Apple ‘s guidelines. Oliver Haslam of iDB explains how it works:
The app actually works by playing a silent song via the built-in iPod app. The album art is then displayed in the lock screen, which is in turn updated depending on your location. It might sound like a hack – and let’s be fair, it really is – but it gets around Apple ’s guidelines and actually seems to work.
We don’t think Apple will remove the app from the App Store as the developer is playing by the rules.
The downside of the app is that it will consume battery life even when the iPhone is locked as the song needs to be constantly playing in the background. You also shouldn’t play any other music while this app is running if you want to see the weather conditions on your iPhone ‘s lock screen.
Lock Screen Weather app is available or $0.99 and you can download it using this
We will pass but kudos to Kozarek for figuring out a way to bring weather forecasts to the lock screen without jailbreaking.

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