iPhone’s GPS lets music morph as you meander

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iPhones GPS lets music morph as you meander

Mapping music: Bluebrain's Ryan Holladay makes sheet music out of a landscape as he diagrams “pockets” of sound in Central Park's North Meadow.

Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET)

Imagine popping in your earbuds, queuing up some tunes, going for a stroll, and then listening to the music morph in response to your surroundings.

Thanks to electronic-music duo Bluebrain–along with a clutch of willing musician friends, the expertise of a software developer, and the iPhone ‘s built-in GPS system–that Brian Eno-esque fantasy is, in fact, a reality.

Washington D.C.-based brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay are continuing their push–perhaps the better word is “meander”–into a new musical realm with their recent album/iPhone app “Central Park (Listen to the Light).” The piece uses GPS to monitor a listener’s movements through New York’s famous green oasis and play different tracks keyed to specific locales–or “zones” and “pockets”–within the park.

The tracks fade into and out of one another, and the overall shape of the album is an everchanging affair, based on a given listener’s wanderings. It’s a “choose your own adventure of an album,” the duo likes to say, conjuring up memories of those children’s books that let young readers pick alternate outcomes and endings.

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iPhones GPS lets music morph as you meander

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