iOS Developers See Huge Sales Jump On Christmas Day

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made it into the App Store in time for Christmas and ahead of the iTunes Connect freeze.
Apple freezes its approval process over Christmas each year. New York Times points out:
In the weeks leading up to the cutoff, developers often pull all-nighters so they can get their work to Apple in time.
“There’s a mad scramble for developers,” said Marc Edwards, lead designer at Bjango, an Australian app maker. “In terms of money, it can be a really big deal.”
[…] In short, Apple is a powerful gatekeeper, and for more than a week it is keeping the gate closed.
This freeze also affects the Top 200 charts in the App Store. Developers vie to get a good ranking by offering huge discounts on their apps before the freeze occurs as they get a big sales boost due to all new
One prime example is Camera+, one of the most popular apps in the App Store and
, which made it to #8 spot on the iTunes Top 200 Apps list. TapTapTap shared their sales numbers with
, and the jump in sales on Christmas day is pretty staggering.
, as well as 
) up to the holiday weekend averaged around 18,000. That increased quite a bit over December 23rd and 24th, but hit a whopping 77,498 on Christmas day before dropping 47,913 on the 26th. MacRumors spells out the numbers:
At a $0.99 sales price that means $51,665 in revenue for the company on the Christmas day alone after Apple ‘s 30% cut.
As you can see, this can make a huge difference for any app developer. Did you contribute to developer sales over Christmas weekend? Which apps did you buy? Share your favorites below!

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