iOS 5.1 Beta Doesn’t Fix Battery Issues

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to developers. Users who have upgraded and tested this version claim that it does not fix battery issues.
Ars Technica sat down with Michael Morgan from ABI Research to analyze the various reports of poor battery life.
. This has affected both
users, as well customers who have recently bought the
(which comes pre-loaded with iOS 5). The iOS 5.0.1 update has fixed some bugs and a major security hole, but
Morgan claims that a software fix is the real answer. There has been some speculation that the iPhone 4S’s newer dual-core A5 processor may be the culprit, as it seems
. Morgan stepped in to explain that the hardware isn’t that different.
“We tore down the 4S and tested some of the major components, including the new A5 processor,” Morgan said. “Nothing that we tested was significantly different from the iPhone 4, and power draw was right where we expected it to be.”
Morgan also mentioned that it can be very difficult to find and fix all of the various issues that lead to poor battery life, especially when looking at such complex software. Of course, this is compounded by the fact that iOS 5 has automatic updating of Newstand content and background syncing with
As this is only the first beta of iOS 5.1, things are bound to improve. We’re holding out hope that Apple ‘s upcoming betas finally fix the issue once and for all. In the mean time, check our
to eke out as much juice as you can.

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