How to talk to Siri

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How to talk to Siri

Given recent PR battles that Apple has been having with regards to Siri’s search results, here are some basic syntax tips for talking to Siri that can help improve your search results and the impact Siri has on your iPhone 4S experience.

You may think that Siri is capable of understanding any sort of commonly worded request, performing a search through various online databases, and producing a result that perfectly suits the needs of the user.

Yes, this is where the technology is going. No, it’s not there yet.

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In fact, for an Apple product (and one that is promoted heavily), Siri is very much unpolished and well-deserving of its beta classification. It’s this rough-around-edges quality to Siri that has recently landed Apple in hot water with pro-choice advocates, claiming Siri intentionally will not display Planned Parenthood facilities on Google Maps when a search for “abortion clinics” is commanded.

That brings up these tips. Siri, like any other program, has rules. How you talk to Siri di… [Read more]

How to talk to Siri

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