How To Perform Untethered Jailbreak Of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS Running iOS 5.0.1 Using Redsn0w

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, which finally allows iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA and iPhone 3GS users to perform an untethered jailbreak.
In this guide, we will take you through the step by step procedure to perform an untethered jailbreak on iPhone running 
 using Redsn0w.
Here are some important points to note before you proceed.
iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users. We’ll publish the guide for iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G users shortly.
Please don’t use this guide if you want to preserve your iPhone ‘s baseband. We will publish a guide for it shortly.
 and at your own risk.
Please do not forget to backup your iPhone before you proceed. You can 
 for instructions on how to backup your iPhone .

 from Cydia to take a backup of all the jailbreak apps and tweaks so you can reinstall them easily after successfully jailbreaking your iPhone rather then installing them individually. However, if you’re moving from iOS 4.x to iOS 5, it may be a good idea to reinstall the jailbreak apps to avoid compatibility issues.
After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on 
Please ensure you are running latest version of iTunes i.e. iTunes 10.5 or later.
You can follow these step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with the assumption that you’ve already updated your iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 (please note Settings –> General –> About –> Version should be 5.0.1):
Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 for Windows from 
 and Redsn0w 0.9.10b1 for Mac from 
” on your desktop.
Double click the Redsn0w zip file and extract the application to the Redsn0w folder.
Navigate back to the Redsn0w folder and launch the Redsn0w application.
After launching Redsn0w, click on the Jailbreak button.
Windows 7 users should run the exe in Windows XP compatibility mode (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select Properties, then select the Compatibility tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP). Windows XP and Windows 7 users should run Redsn0w as
(right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Run as an Administrator’).
 You will now be prompted plug your iPhone to the computer and switch it OFF. Follow the instructions and click on ‘
 You will now need to put your iPhone into the DFU mode. Redsn0w will take you through the necessary steps:
Your iPhone should reboot now.
 Redsn0w will now start preparing the jailbreak data.
 You will now be prompted to select the jailbreak options you would like. Make sure Cydia is selected and select ‘
‘ to continue.
 You iPhone will be rebooted again and Redsn0w will now begin uploading the new RAM disk and kernel.
You will now be notified once the jailbreaking process is complete. Click on the ‘
‘ button to exit the application.
Your iPhone will reboot once again (which could take approximately 5 minutes). After it has rebooted, your iPhone should be successfully jailbroken. You should find
jailbreak app on your iPhone ’s home screen.
If you’re new to the jailbreaking world and wondering what to do after jailbreaking your iPhone , checkout our
category page to find out the apps you can install on your iPhone using the Cydia app. Please note that some of the jailbreak apps and tweaks are still not compatible with iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1 so please be cautious while installing them.
Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments and drop us a line if you hit any issues.

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