How to make your iPhone 4 or 4S Apple logo glow

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How to make your iPhone 4 or 4S Apple logo glow

A Chinese manufacturing company is producing replacement back panels for your iPhone 4 or 4S that include a thin light strip and a transparent Apple logo that will make your iPhone ‘s logo glow, similar to Apple notebook computers.

With the K.O Gadget iPhone 4/4S back-panel mod kit, you can get your Apple logo glowing, just like those on Apple notebooks.

K.O Gadget)

K.O Gadget claims the hardware hack can be done in 5 minutes, at home, using the $42 kit it supplies.

Editors’ note: At the time of writing, the regular site was downed by heavy traffic; a substitute purchase link was posted on the company’s Facebook page.

A hardware hack done in 5 minutes seems a little unreal, but the video below shows the replacement being done. Apparently, replacing the back panel isn’t too difficult at all. According to K.O Gadget, the replacement panel preserves the original thickness of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to ensure that all your cases still fit properly.

The light panel that is included with the kit is said to light up only when the iPhone is operational. It will even glow for an extra 15 seconds after you take a call. K.O Gadget is not clear on the exact technology that is being used to create and maintain the glow.

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How to make your iPhone 4 or 4S Apple logo glow

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