Hipstamatic D-Series camera app getting social

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Hipstamatic D-Series camera app getting social

All images shot by you and your friends are saved to the same roll for everyone to enjoy.

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The Hipstamatic D-Series camera app announced today offers a new way to tie photos and social networking together.

Synthetic, developer of the popular retro-image iPhone app Hipstamatic, have enjoyed plenty of success in the iTunes App Store since the app was released two years ago. Now, the company aims to make the retro-image-taking experience more social with its new D-Series camera app, available December 15.

The Hipstamatic D-Series app lets you connect with a group of friends via Facebook and snap pictures that all go to a common “film roll.” Made for parties, concerts, and any other event, Hipstamatic D-Series makes it possible for any number of people to snap photos on the same roll. Once invited, your friends can use their individual phones to take pictures and all the images get saved and automatically synced at the end of a roll. When a roll is finished (24 pictures), everyone invited to a “camera” can view the photos you took and share them via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

Hipstamatic D-Series will be a free app that comes with one camera (with its own preset effects). But through in-app purchase, you can buy three other cameras with different effects for 99 cents each. Each of the different cameras advertises various effects, and one of t… [Read more]

Hipstamatic D-Series camera app getting social

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