Here’s The Reason App Labels Sometimes Changes To “Cleaning” In iOS 5

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introduced two new ways of wireless backups, iCloud and Wi-Fi Sync. This obviously meant that
had to work on the size of backups of their in-built apps as well as third party apps.
To do so,
at times clears cache and temporary files stored by certain apps, and while doing so it changes the label under the
icon to “Cleaning.”
Basically, that’s [the “Cleaning” label] iOS 5 deleting cache and temporary files so that when iCloud or iTunes does a backup of your iPhone , iPod touch, or iPad, that backup is smaller and faster.
Since adding iCloud and Wi-Fi sync options, it’s become important to keep app data as clean as possible, so backups are as efficient as possible, so we’re not left waiting around for minutes or hours getting as frustrated as possible.
In recent testing it appears that [your app] stores a fair amount of data in its Documents folder.
Since iCloud backups are performed daily over Wi-Fi for each user’s iOS device, it’s important to ensure the best possible user experience by minimizing the amount of data being stored by your app.
In addition to purchased music, apps, books, Camera roll, and device settings, everything in your app’s home directory, including its Documents folder, is backed up to iCloud.
Data stored in the application bundle itself, the caches directory, and the temp directory is not backed up to iCloud. Your app should store data in these locations according to the iCloud Data Storage Guidelines on
Please review these guidelines, make any required changes to your app, and submit an update to the App Store.
In iOS 5, this scheme caused important data like 
 to be deleted in low storage situations. The next update, iOS 5.0.1, introduced a way to let developers explicitly mark some files as essential, which shouldn’t be purged even under low memory conditions. This solved problems faced by developers of apps like Instapaper which rely on local storage.
So the next time you see a “Cleaning” label under on of your apps, you know the reason!

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