Five important rules about your new smartphone

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Five important rules about your new smartphone

Did Santa bring you your first smartphone? Awesome! Now for the bad news: it probably didn’t come with much in the way of an instruction manual.

You can figure out a lot of the features just by fiddling, but there are a few general concepts that might not seem clear. Have no fear: I’m here to help you learn the important smartphone basics.

JuiceDefender for Android does a good job making the battery last longer.


1. Battery life will disappoint
The hard truth: You’ll be lucky to get a day or two of smartphone runtime before needing to recharge. Want to stretch battery life as far as possible? Start by dropping the screen brightness to around 50 percent. You’ll hardly notice the difference.

Next, disable Bluetooth if you’re not using it, and think very hard about turning off push e-mail (automated mail retrieval at regular intervals, and a major power-suck).

iPhone users should check out Sharon Vaknin’s “How to give your iPhone ‘s battery life a serious boost.” I followed her tips, and my iPhone 4S runtime improved dramatically.

If you’re an Android user, turn off those cool but battery-draining animated wallpapers, then install… [Read more]

Five important rules about your new smartphone

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