Evernote Hello shares cooties and contacts

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Evernote Hello shares cooties and contacts

No, it's not Windows' Metro contact book, it's Evernote's new Hello, a new way to keep track of people you meet.


“I don’t want to touch your phone. I might as well put my hand in your pocket.”

That’s what a co-worker said when I asked him to check out the contact-adding feature of Evernote Hello, the contact exchange iPhone app that Evernote launched this morning at Le Web.

With Hello, the idea is that when you meet someone, you have that person enter in their own information on your phone so you can find them later. They also get to take their own picture, and the fun UI twist here is that they just hold the phone up, and it captures four shots in succession.

You can also enter in a person’s information yourself, but the app is clearly geared for this new social dance where you swap phones temporarily.

If you can get past that, there are good features in this contact-collection app.

If I hand you my phone and you see this, please give me your digits.

Screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET)

First, the philosophy here is that the people you meet form a narrative, not a contact list. Your Hello “address book” is a visual mosaic of… [Read more]

Evernote Hello shares cooties and contacts

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