Elevation Dock is The iPhone Dock Apple Should Have Made

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devices. These docks got the “docking” part right, however un-docking was a task that took more than five seconds and couldn’t be done with just one hand.
The Elevation Dock, a new Kickstarter project, aims to solve this by not only make the un-docking process a lot smoother, but also making the dock compatible with all cases.
Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. We didn’t stop there – It’s beautifully precision machined from solid aluminum and it comes in a gorgeous set of surface finishes, setting a new bar for quality and something that looks really good on your desk. It complements the high-level craftsmanship of the
like no other.
According to the description, the dock also makes the FaceTime experience better by offering better acoustics and an improved viewing angle.
and the Elevation Dock, both insanely reduced (or will reduce) device removal time.
Get your own Elevation Dock in glass bead blasted finish (like on Apple unibody Macs). These will later retail for $90 if the project gets funded. CNC’d from solid aircraft aluminum, low friction connection, USB out. [US shipping included, add $20 for international]
For a pledge of $79 or more, in addition to USB out you also get an audio out:
Get the Elevation Dock+ in glass bead blasted finish. The Dock+ adds shielded Line Level audio out plus USB power adapter. These will later retail for $120. [US shipping included, add $20 for international]
The project has received an overwhelming response in just a day, with more than a thousand people pledging $117,000.
What do you think of the Elevation Dock?

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