Downgrade iPhone 4 / iPad 2 From iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3 Using TinyCFW

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It will create an ipsw that you can use with TinyUmbrella AND iTunes to restore to a version of iOS that you have SHSHs for.
It is primarily for iPad2 with a baseband OR iPhone 4.
A tool to protect your baseband.
A tool for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, or iPhone 4S
The usage is simple. Start the application. Once the window comes up, click the top button and choose an ipsw for which you have SHSHs for. The app will scan it and tell you the firmware and baseband versions in the ipsw you selected and the firmware and baseband versions that will be in the target ipsw when you click the second button. If you’re ready, click ‘Save Target IPSW’. This will take a minute or two and when it is finished, you will have a file named:
You can use this ipsw with iTunes and TinyUmbrella to restore your iPad2 GSM/CDMA back to say 4.3.3 (if you have 4.3.3 SHSH).
NotCom has mentioned that he plans to include this functionality in TinyPwn and expects it to be far more robust then this initial version. So please proceed with caution.
So if you have iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs for your iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and can’t wait any longer for the jailbreak, then you can download the tool from his
¬†and give it shot. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

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