Developer Responds To Removal Of Fake Driver’s License App From App Store

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A couple of days ago,
that allowed users to create fake driver’s license on the request of a U.S. Senator. The app which was on the App Store for over two years, could apparently be misused for illegal activities.
According to, the developers of the app, Apple didn’t contact them even hours after pulling down their app. When finally contacted, Apple cited a section of the 
 review guideline, which read:
Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users. It is the developer’s obligation to understand and conform to all local laws. has now written an official response to the removal of its app in the form of a Press Release (
). With regard to the possibility of misuse, the company’s founder Gary Tsifrin says: specifically and deliberately designed the app to prevent the creation of counterfeit identification. By design, it would take more effort and expertise to modify the product of the ‘Driver License’ app than to construct a counterfeit from scratch.
), outlines a number of reasons which set apart the fake licenses from the real ones. Some of them being:
No security features incorporated in standard licenses were included in the app.
The layout of each state’s license is different than the one of the app.
Differences in fonts, orientation, signature placement etc.
Of course most of these reasons make you think, who would actually mistake these fake generated licenses for real ones?
We think a solution that could appease both the Senator and Apple would be to place a much larger and prominent watermark which could say something like “Fake License created by Driver License App.”
What do you think?

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